corporate gifting

Building Your Brand With Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting can have a significant impact on building and maintaining relationships with clients, generating leads and connections, and creating opportunities for your business. According to a survey, 43% of US respondents believe corporate gifts improve relationships and 66% of people will remember a company’s name one year after receiving a gift. Additionally, corporate gifts can retain customers, boost word of mouth, and create constant touch points with customers for your brand. 


Brands that align themselves with an archetype, or a specific personality, tone, and voice, can create instantaneous connections with customers, leading to greater sales and more effective brand ambassadorship. There are 12 archetypes in total, which have been outlined by Carl Jung in the 1940s. Corporate gifting can also be tailored to specific archetypes such as the outlaw, magician, and hero, among others. Gifts will appear much more personalized to customers, and generate positive reception for a business.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype