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Blockchain Fundraising Hits $6.7 Billion In April 2022

Blockchain fundraising has hit a new high in the past twelve months. It is an exciting development, as it confirms rising interest in the blockchain industry. With $6.7 billion in funding throughout this month alone, the next few years are bound to get interesting. 

Blockchain Fundraising Rises Agan

There are still many people who doubt the potential of blockchain technology. While it has been touted as a game-changing revolution, the use cases for distributed ledgers remain incredibly limited. Beyond cryptocurrencies and concepts associated with Ethereum or Bitcoin, there is little reason to be excited about blockchains as a mainstream consumer or business.

That situation may change eventually, though. The new surge in blockchain fundraising confirms exciting projects are in development. Which projects will come out on top and turn into a game-changing technology remains unclear. However, over $6.7 billion has been invested in blockchain companies throughout April 2022. That sends a strong induastry signal, even if the future remains rather uncertain. 

The current blockchain fundraising figures differ greatly from a year ago. Funding was down to $2.1 billion in May 2021. Although it rose to $3.8 billion by July, August cut that in half again. There has been a slow and steady push to an average of over $4 billion per month since. Sustaining the momentum will be crucial, although some previously funded projects will need to deliver on initial promises sooner rather than later. 

With over $60 billion invested in blockchain over the past year, interesting things are bound to happen. 2022 Might be the year blockchain will finally break through, although nothing is carved in stone. All the blockchain fundraising can only do so much, as it remains up to builders to create a decentralized future. The jury is still out on whether that is possible in the coming years.