Binance-backed Wargame CryptoSandwiches To Launch A Pandemic Fight in A Food Metaverse

Blockchain tech industry has evolved to such rates that the seamless integration of the technology is made possible with any industry vertical and product. Binance-powered wargame, CryptoSanwiches is an astounding testimony to that. War-themed games and gaming in general on the blockchain have seen a rising rate of adoption and with cryptoSandwiches adding another vertical, the food industry to the widely accepted technology has been a phenomenal success. 

The Badass Game

CryptoSandwiches is the first-ever food-theme-based game built and deployed on the BNB chain network. The complete gameplay of CryptSsandwiches includes a unique culmination of technology that facilitates both P2E (Play to Earn) and DEFI (Decentralized Game Finance) powered by smart contracts. 

The game architecture allows and adapts to BEP20, BEP1155, and BEP908 token standards as in-game equity. The native token of the project is CSW which is a BEP-20 token. The token is designed for various applications within the game, to name a few, including purchasing in-game services like battlefield snapshots, trading in the open market, and opening mystery boxes that may contain unique food NFTs. 

The gameplay is a strategy-based game with multiple players who will compete against each other in food fights across the different realms available within the game. The first war in the game is between the sandwich realm and the invaders and is expected to be followed by a series of other wars in the universe against the deadly forces. 

Fighting The Pandemic: The Rotting Wave

The storyline of the game is war-based where an infectious pandemic is plotted to be spread on tasty planets in the Tasty Galaxy by deadly forces from the waste station located at the pitch dark corners of the galaxy. The initial stages of the war are between the Sandwich Planet and the dangerous creatures down the waste station. Players start their quest in the game by competing head-on with the invaders as protectors of the sandwich realm. 

The Classy & Fingerlicking NFT collection

Apart from the in-game and P2E features, the game is known for its diverse collection of NFTs. The game contains a unique collection of 40,200 unique NFTs that are food-themed. Out of the total, 20,100 pieces are ingredient NFTs. The rest of the 20,100 are equipment-based NFTs. Upon owning the NFTs, each of the NFT is allocated certain values by an algorithm. The ingredient NFTs are graded based on calories, smell, and freshness and the equipment NFTs are graded based on attack power, defence power, and health points. 

Players are also given options of opening Mystery Boxes through CWS tokens. Upon opening the mystery boxes, they can combine the ingredient and equipment NFTs to create a sandwich hero NFT which will be valued based on the ingredient and equipment NFT values. 

Peek Into The Game Systems

Apart from the NFT and the game, the architecture of the game comprises four gaming systems available for play namely.

  1. The Tablecloth System;
  2. The Mystery Box System;
  3. The Alchemy System;
  4. The Combat System.

Each of the gaming systems contains different components that can be experienced in various parts of the game. 

IDO & IGO Events, Smash Hit From The Get-go

After an overwhelming response to the project’s Initial Dex offering, the initial game offering of the project kicked off on March 30. The IGO event has been performing well and is expected to pan out for two months conceding within the US financial regulations. The first 200 million CSW that was up for offering was sold out within a fraction of minutes and now the community is all set to start with its second round of private fundraising. The sold CSWs in the private fundraising will be locked for 10 months to maintain supply. 

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