How to Choose the Best Small Business Printer for Your Organization

While the rise of cryptocurrencies continues to become more attractive in society, many argue that the crypto space and its influence on digitalization will abolish existing technology like printers. Even though legitimate online currencies contribute more value by making transaction fees cheaper and providing consumers an extra layer of privacy, saving cryptocurrency addresses digitally has decreased crypto owners’ confidence. This encourages them to print out their crypto addresses for additional security in the form of a hard copy (increasing demand for printers). 


Most industries still need to print important documents for their businesses and that is no different from the finance industry. On average, finance companies print 20.2 pages a day. Saving crypto wallets as hard copies will only increase demand for printing. To sustain the demand for more printing, investors and finance companies in particular should invest in laser printers. 


They not only save money in the long term in comparison to inkjet printers but they have no expiration date or dry-up. Laser printers can be a great addition for finance companies and investors as more people invest in the crypto world and want to save their crypto addresses as hard copies for extra protection.

Learn more about choosing the best small business printer in the infographic below, courtesy of the Lexmark GO Line series:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought