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Baby Boomer Business Ownership: What’s Next?

When you think of baby boomers, you may just think about silly memes and saying ok boomer to people, but it’s time to take a serious look at this demographic. Let’s dive in below.

Baby Boomers Represent a Huge Part of Business Ownership

Baby Boomers represent a massive 40% of small businesses and franchise business in the US. Clearly, these are no small shoes to fill when the last of the boomers transfers what looks to be as the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Like it or not, change is coming. Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z will need to step it up and become the next business leaders of America.

In Conclusion

Want a deeper look as to the market factors at stake when it comes to the Baby Boomer business bomb? Have a visual read of this market force as it is playing out in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of MBA Stack:

The Boomer Business Bomb
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