Apple Tap To Pay Continues Its Very Slow Rollout

Apple iPhone users will be pleased to hear the technology giant is rolling out its Tap to Pay feature. Although it remains somewhat limited inaccessible, the feature is live in the Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino. It will serve as a good testing ground to collect more feedback and data. 

Apple Tap to Pay Is Coming

Most Apple fans will know the company has promised to roll out the Tap to Pay feature. The company confirmed as much in February 2021, although it seems the rollout is going pretty slow. Through this feature, users can accept Apple Pay, contactless card payments, and other digital wallets by letting the buyer tap to their iPhone. There is no need for additional hardware like terminals or dongles, making it a very convenient solution. 

Unfortunately, the rollout goes much slower than people would like. Tap to Pay has been spotted in the wild for the first time in a while. A tweet confirmed the Apple Park Visitor Center remains one of the few Apple retail stores in the US supporting this payment method today. It makes one wonder what has happened since announcing the rollout nearly 16 months ago. 

Apple has confirmed Tap to Pay is accessible to businesses rather than consumers and operates through Adyen and Shopify point-of-sale commerce platforms. However, there is no word on when this solution will be made available to consumers, as many people would benefit from accepting payments this way. Even so, there are many factors to consider before the technology giant can make this service accessible on a large scale.

There is a growing shift toward moving away from mPOS solutions and going directly to mobile solutions. More specifically, the removal of extra hardware will make it easier for businesses to integrate new and innovative payment solutions. Additionally, consumers have shown a keen interest in exploring contactless transactions, making Tap to Pay a rather appealing option.