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Anonymous May Have Hacked The Central Bank Of Russia

A new development in the Russia-Ukraine situation comes from a somewhat surprising angle. Anonymous, the well-known hacking collective, has attacked the Central Bank of Russia. Initial reports indicate the effort was successful, although further details remain elusive. 

Another Strong Move By Anonymous

The infamous hacking collective tends to make its name synonymous with global events. In this case, the group successfully hacked the Central Bank of Russia. A very interesting development that puts a different spotlight on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Reports indicate Anonymous obtained over 35,000 files with secret agreements and other sensitive information. Those files will be made public in the next few days. 

For now, no one really knows what the files pertain to or how this will impact the current situation. Anonymous hints at unveiling secret agreements, although that can still pertain to many different things. More information should become available over the coming days. 

As is to be expected, the Central Bank of Russia remains rather silent on this attack. Moreover, the institution needs to protect the Russian economy from the various sanctions imposed by Western countries since the nation invaded Ukraine. But unfortunately, that is much easier said than done under the current circumstances.

The war between hackers – and collectives like Anonymous – and Russia seems far from over. Further attacks are likely to occur, although it remains unclear how successful they will be. An earlier attack against unsecured printers has been successful, allowing hackers to print out anti-propaganda messages about the war.