Anonymous Leaks 28GB Of Data Stolen From Russian Central Bank

Anonymous has released the data it stole from the Russian Central Bank. A total of 28GB of information circulates on the internet. The hack was announced last week, and the collective has seemingly kept its promise. 

Russian Central Bank Hack Appears Legitimate

It is not uncommon for wannabe hackers to make bold claims by portraying their actions as “done by Anonymous”. Many people enjoy taking credit for activities they were not involved in whatsoever. Moreover, some claims are entirely bogus, and no data was obtained. It is normal people were skeptical of Anonymous allegedly hacking the Russian Central Bank last week. 

However, there is some legitimacy to those claims. The infamous hacker collective has released the data it obtained from the Russian Central Bank. Roughly 28 gigabytes of data have been published across various platforms and protocols to prevent censorship or information from being taken down. Hosting the files on MEGA – formerly MegaUpload – is an interesting first step. 

It is unclear what the information pertains to exactly or how it will influence the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is plausible to assume there will be some sensitive information to sift through, although the leak will not put the conflict to bed either. Even so, it remains a strong signal by Anonymous and indicates more hacking activities may occur moving forward.