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Alumni Networks and Increased Professional Success

The power of influence networks in higher education and business is undeniable. Because it is more important who you know and not what you know, alumni programs provide many professional benefits and unique opportunities. Access to exclusive job postings, resume reviews, and free resources are just a few of the possibilities for networking opportunities with established professionals within a shared alumni network. 


Measurable benefits of investing in lifelong relationships include an increase in revenue per employee, an increase in product innovation, and an increase in employer attractiveness. While colleges invest in alumni networks for fundraising reasons, companies look to increase sales, connect mentors and mentees, boost business development, or drive referrals or boomerang hires. And because investors are more likely to invest in startups created by a founder from their alma mater, networks should be an essential consideration for students and employees alike. 


Leverage your alumni network by participating in alumni newsletters and events. Likewise, colleges and corporations can further alumni engagement by appealing to their professional goals. Stay connected to optimize networking success.

The Power of Influence Networks
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