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Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche Empower Businesses to Create Customized Metaverse Spaces

Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has joined forces with Avalanche to develop a groundbreaking platform known as Cloudverse. This innovative solution offers millions of Alibaba Cloud clients and billions of users worldwide the opportunity to launch and manage their metaverse spaces on the layer-1 blockchain, opening up new possibilities for customer engagement.

Creating a One-Stop Solution: How Cloudverse Works

Cloudverse is designed as a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to easily customize, launch, and maintain their metaverse spaces. All blockchain components in this new offering, such as digital land, wearables, and other digital assets, are built on Avalanche’s cutting-edge technology.

To ensure a seamless experience, Alibaba Cloud provides scalable, highly efficient, and secure cloud infrastructure services, including computing, storage, database and networking, and intelligence operation platforms. Meanwhile, Avalanche collaborates with a third partner, MUA DAO, to deliver solutions for constructing metaverse environments.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Web3 Solutions in Asia-Pacific

Raymond Xiao, Head of International Web3 Solutions at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, highlighted the strong demand from businesses in the Asia-Pacific region looking to enter the Web3 space. This interest is fueled by the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and the metaverse. Xiao further elaborated on the potential impact of Cloudverse:

“Through the launch of the metaverse launchpad on Avalanche for CloudVerse, we are excited to offer businesses a way to kickstart their metaverse journeys and drive innovations and new possibilities for their businesses while elevating customer experiences.”

Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche’s partnership dates back to December 2022 when they announced their collaboration to power Alibaba Cloud’s Node-as-a-Service initiatives. Simultaneously, the cloud computing division of the Chinese conglomerate started offering infrastructure and tools to help Asia-based users launch validators on the network.

Alibaba Cloud’s Commitment to a Blockchain-Powered Internet

As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen its presence in the Web3 space, Alibaba Cloud recently unveiled plans to accelerate the growth of a more inclusive and secure modern internet powered by blockchain technology. In line with this vision, last month, the company partnered with layer one blockchain protocol Elastos to develop and deploy next-generation solutions.

Additionally, Alibaba Cloud signed a memorandum of understanding with Sui blockchain developer Mysten Labs in January to build sustainable Web3 ecosystems.

A New Era of Metaverse Solutions for Businesses

In summary, Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche’s Cloudverse platform is set to revolutionize how businesses create and manage their metaverse spaces. By providing a user-friendly, all-inclusive solution, Cloudverse empowers businesses to harness the potential of the Web3 space, paving the way for innovative customer experiences and new growth opportunities.