Alameda Research Focuses on Blockchain Services and Infrastructure In H2 2022

Various centralized entities invest in crypto and blockchain projects. These VC funds are the lifeblood of many startups, even if a financial injection doesn’t guarantee long-term project success. Alameda Research is the “top tier” VC fund, and it is worthwhile to see who they invest in.

The Alameda Research Portfolio

Like all other investment entities, Alameda Research has proponents and opponents. The “meddling” of VCs in crypto often leads to stifled innovation, cutting corners, and leaning toward centralization. Even so, many projects would only get off the ground with financial backing. Whether VC funding will remain the go-to approach remains unclear, but for now, Alameda Research continues to invest in projects they consider viable. 

The leading investment firm often prioritizes multi-stage crypto investments. As such, they are often involved in seed funding or Series A/B contributions. That gives them a high chance of maximizing potential returns before the general public can get involved. However, it also creates steep expectations for the backed projects, as investors – or VC funds – aren’t always known for their patience. Even so, there haven’t been any significant incidents, even if some investments may pan out better than others. 

Recent funding rounds involving Alameda Research include:

  • Kollider (blockchain services, October 26, 2022)
  • 3Commas (CeFi, September 22, 2022)
  • Fuel Labs (blockchain infrastructure, September 6, 2022)
  • Jito Labs (blockchain infrastructure, August 11, 2022)
  • Messari (blockchain services, August 5, 2022)

It immediately becomes apparent the VC fund looks for core projects rather than speculative assets. Blockchain services and infrastructure can power many products, services, and applications. Additionally, CeFi is a worthwhile industry for bridging traditional finance with DeFi. Interestingly, the entity also invested in a stablecoin (BiLira), and several GameFi, DeFi, and NFT ventures. With 37 financial contributions in 2022 so far, it is one of the busier VC funds.

Token Watchlist Looks Healthy

Alameda Research automatically gains exposure to various crypto assets like any other VC fund. Some assets are part of investment deals, whereas others may be acquired via other means. A total of 167 currencies, tokens, and assets are on the fund’s “watchlist”, per data from CryptoRank. It is unclear how many assets the company holds today, but it is evident they keep an eye on prominent assets like BNB, SOL, OKB, FTX, LDO, and FTM. 

Interestingly, of the 167 assets on this watchlist, 119 have risen in value today. That is an excellent performance, even though several dozen are still in the red. Crypto assets will always be volatile, and it is impossible to maintain a perfect record. Even so, investing in the top coins will often pay dividends, assuming one is patient enough to wait for more bullish momentum. 

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