ai and humans

How AI and Humans are Working Together

Artificial Intelligence has already spiked in popularity across social media due to word of mouth and news sources. Many people have already seen what early AI is capable of, but few have gauged exactly how impactful AI will become. In fact, the AI scene has exploded with double the research since 2010 and 2.8 times the funding since 2013. 


And, as we can see from the state of AI today, it has paid off massively. AI has many new capabilities and increased capacities, including being capable of passing an intelligence test designed for humans. All these massive advancements coupled with its social popularity incentivizes many firms to take a risk on AI. In particular, China has already seen a 58% adoption rate with another 30% of companies showing interest in the technology. Following behind is Canada, Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. all with over 60% of companies interested in or using AI. 

Ultimately, it’s easy to see the trend AI will sweep over the world in the near future. With around 60% of the population going to be influenced by AI, it’s exciting to see just exactly what this technology can do.

What AI Needs To Learn From HumansWhat AI Needs To Learn From Humans
Source: Academic Influence