ADAX DEX Raises The Stakes For Decentralized Trading On Cardano

The future of the Cardano ecosystem will undergo some significant changes. Cardano enthusiasts can begin exploring more swapping and trading options as more decentralized exchanges launch on this ecosystem. ADAX DEX is a highly-anticipated launch, and it is now live on the mainnet.

Why ADAX DEX Matters

While decentralized trading platforms appeal to advanced crypto users, they are scary to use as a novice. In addition, the lack of an order book and order types can turn off many beginners who visit a DEX. ADAX DEX v1.0 Aims to change that narrative by maintaining the decentralized nature of a DEX and coupling it with an order-book model. The result is a non-custodial and censorship-resistant trading platform with smart contract-based trading capabilities.

The anticipation surrounding ADAX DEX v1.0 has built up for several months. The team had a very successful on Exmarkets and an oversubscribed private sale, confirming investor interest in what this trading protocol can bring to the Cardano ecosystem. Moreover, the ADAX team has forged strong partnerships with Netvrk, BlackDragon, Charli3, VyFinance, and native supports Nami wallet, the popular Web 3 solution for Cardano users. Moreover, wallet support for GeroWallet and CCVault is in the works and should be completed shortly.

Under the hood, ADAX DEX v1.0 will provide a revolutionary trading experience powered by an exclusive partnership with market sentiment monitoring platform Stockgeist.Ai. That partnership will allow traders to re-calibrate investments depending on changes in overall social sentiment toward a currency or project.

Shifting sentiment can have a strong price correlation, and being aware of the facts can make the difference between a loss and profitable trade. That partnership helps traders figure out which tokens are hot or cooling down, ensuring everyone can make the most of any market condition.

High Efficiency Is Key

The choice for launching on Cardano serves multiple purposes for the ADAX team. Unlike Ethereum, Cardano has affordable transaction fees and decent transaction throughput. Those are two essential aspects when building a non-custodial trading solution leveraging smart contracts, as powerful trading solutions like these can generate many transactions.

Additionally, ADAX DEX v1.0 uses Plutus smart contracts to guarantee decentralization. The protocol will also split transactions into smaller UTXO’s to avoid network congestion and remove concurrency-related issues. Finally, the user experience of ADAX DEX v1.0 is smooth as silk, catering to both novice and advanced users alike.

ADAX DEX v1.0 has a smooth launch, making it a powerful contender to become the top decentralized exchange on the Cardano ecosystem.