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5 types of financial support banks need to offer customers in 2023

Banks are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from one another in a crowded market. While most banks now offer a range of financial products and services, these offerings can be segmented into two categories: traditional banking products and non-traditional products. Banks that look beyond these offerings will find new opportunities to attract customers who appreciate their personal touch.

Access to a trusted financial coach

Financial coaches are an excellent resource for people who need help with their finances. They can help you understand your financial situation, set goals to reach, and make better decisions about your finances.

In the future, banks will provide access to these coaches so that customers can take advantage of their expertise. It is a crucial form of extending financial support. 

A digital financial advisor

Part of the reason that banks are partnering with fintech companies is to offer customers a digital financial advisor. A good financial advisor will help you make smarter decisions about your money, whether it’s helping you manage your budget or setting goals for the future.

Various providers offer automated advice through a mobile app and website. These companies use algorithms to help investors build portfolios based on their risk tolerance, goals, and timeline for investing. More importantly, they do so without charging commissions or fees beyond those associated with mutual funds purchased through its platform.

A holistic approach to money management

The future of banking will focus on the whole person, not just their finances. Before offering advice or financial solutions, banks must help clients understand their goals and needs. 

They will also need to provide a holistic approach to money management that includes traditional banking services. However, they should also consider the other aspects of your life that may affect how you handle money. There is more to financial support than just numbers, after all.

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An expert on clients’ financial goals and needs

Financial advisors must be able to help clients with their goals and needs.

In the future, banks will need financial advisors who can help clients with their financial goals and needs. Doing so enables institutions to build trust and momentum through in-demand financial support.

Banks can offer multiple types of financial support beyond products

From a customer perspective, financial support is more than just products. It includes services that can help you make better decisions about your money and achieve your financial goals. That can include:

  • Financial education and advice
  • Guidance on how to use technology tools to improve your finances
  • Assistance with budgeting, debt management, and other money management skills


In conclusion, banks have a lot to offer their customers. 

They can help them manage their money and make smarter decisions about investments. 

With the right tools and services in place, banks can keep customers coming back for more. Those that overlook providing financial support will be on the losing end of the equation.