4 Reasons Why Cosmos (ATOM) Might Not Stop At $30

Cosmos (ATOM) is one of the hottest crypto assets on the market today. Its price has skyrocketed significantly and shows no sign of slowing down yet. However, several ecosystem developments warrant a price outlook that goes much further than $30. 

Cosmos (ATOM) Won’t Stay At $30

Seeing Atom reach $30 may feel like a milestone to many onlookers. Not that long ago, the native asset of the Cosmos ecosystem was trading below $8. Much has happened since then, as the asset has a 454% price increase for the year. That may seem steep, but it is unlikely to be an endpoint for this project. Cosmos has tremendous potential, and traders and investors take notice. 

Source: CoinGecko

Even today, the ATOM price notes a 15% gain while most other markets have turned somewhat bearish again. Whereas other currencies mainly derive value from Bitcoin or Ethereum, Cosmos has a growing ecosystem that no one can ignore any longer. More importantly, it appears the current ecosystem is a stepping stone toward bigger and better things. There is good reason to be excited about the future, as an $8.7 billion market cap remains relatively low for a project of this magnitude. 

IBC Is A Success

IBC, or Inter-Blockchain Communication, allows Cosmos to connect to other chains using similar technology. That network now spans 25 IBC-enabled hubs, processing roughly 1.6 million transfers in November 2021. A very impressive milestone, even though Cosmos was not the top “zone”. That place belongs to osmosis, one of the many projects leveraging Cosmos’s technology. These statistics are likely going much higher in the coming months, but they are a very promising development.

Slow Ninja Studio Finds Cosmos

For a development studio, exploring different public blockchains is essential. Every ecosystem has benefits and drawbacks. Slow Ninja Studio is confident Cosmos is its home, as their vision of building a game to be played with any crypto wallet remains in place. 

Cosmos, through its SDK, lets the team control the UX and empowers them to make their vision come true. It is intriguing to see companies explore so many options and not find what they need until they land on Cosmos. 

Lum Network Airdrop Nears

Cosmos enthusiasts may be aware of the Lum Network and its upcoming airdrop. The developers of that ecosystem made it clear the airdrop would occur once Lum Network’s main launch took place. That launch now has a date of December 14, 2021. So the airdrop will coincide with this launch, giving users something to look forward to ahead of Christmas. In addition, Lum Network will join the IBC Gang and seek connections to Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, and other networks.

Cosmos Store Gets A Revamp

The renewed Cosmos Store may seem irrelevant to some people, although it doesn’t have to be. New additions and upgrades give the community access to a more exciting product line. The merchandise remains one of the best ways to spread the word on projects or ideas one likes. Every community member can represent Cosmos that way. Moreover, the addition of high-quality clothing can be a game-changer, certainly with the Christmas holiday season around the corner. 

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