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4 Crucial Investing Tools

Investing is tricky, but with the right tools, you can find clarity and confidence in your financial future. Never hesitate to rely on tried-and-tested investment tools.

There are several viable investing tools

As a new investor, you may wonder what tools can help you make better investing decisions. 

One of the most popular is called the dividend yield, which measures how much money investors receive from their investments in the form of dividends. The higher this number is, the more likely an investment will keep its value over time. 

Another essential tool is beta (β), which looks at how volatile an investment tends to be relative to other investments. The higher this number is, the more volatile your investment will be. If it’s too high for your comfort level, consider diversifying into different assets with lower betas.

Risk tolerance assessment

Risk tolerance measures how much risk you are willing to take. It’s widely accepted that risk tolerance is different for each person. Moreover, this fact can’t be changed by education or experience. It’s simply a matter of personal assessment. Therefore, it’s best to look at an individual’s behavior as indicative of their true risk tolerance rather than measure their subjective feelings objectively. That makes it one of the powerful investing tools.

Remember: no tool will ever tell you something about yourself that isn’t already apparent from observing your actions. 

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Retirement project tool

A retirement project tool can be a powerful motivator. It can help you set goals, track progress, and understand how much you need to save every month to reach those goals. 

A good retirement project tool will also estimate your potential income when you retire. That is particularly useful for those who have not yet begun saving for retirement. Investment tools will often remind you to play the long game rater than focus on short-term gains.

Portfolio builder

The portfolio builder is a tool for creating a portfolio, whether you’re starting from scratch or building upon an existing one. You can use it to select investments, create a portfolio and track your progress.

The Portfolio Builder lets you set up multiple accounts and log into them all at once. It also has an option for viewing only the accounts where you have made transactions within the last 30 days. That is useful for keeping tabs on things like checking accounts that are not meant for investment purposes. 

Asset allocation calculator

This tool helps you determine the right mix of stocks, bonds, and cash in your portfolio. Don’t overlook this solution in your arsenal of investing tools. 

There are two main things that an asset allocation calculator can do: 

  • It can help you determine if your portfolio is diversified
  •  It can gauge if your portfolio is balanced.


There are several investing tools available to help you make better decisions. Using them lets you develop a clearer picture of where your finances stand now and how best to proceed. 

Remember that investing is about more than just picking stocks. It’s also about managing risk and planning for the future. The best tool for your needs will depend on whether you want something simple or more detailed.