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3 High-Volume NFT Collections You May Have Missed This Week

Non-fungible tokens have proven to be an intriguing addition to the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. As a result, hundreds, if not thousands, of collections exist today, and more come to market every week. Below are the NFT collections performing well last week, even though most people may not know they exist. 

Wizards & Dragons Game (WnD)

With over 8,000 Ether in weekly volume, Wizards & Dragons Game has been getting much attention lately. So it is interesting to see this project generate more volume than CryptoPunks or Mutant Ape Yacht Club, two very popular NFT projects that seem to be on everyone’s radar these days. 

The collection is metaverse-oriented and will put thousands of Wizards and Dragons against one another. Players can collect treasures, although stakes are deadly. Its current floor price is 0.36 ETH, with the 32,000 items distributed among 838 owners. More importantly, the game is accessible now and will see several “Acts” to keep players engaged.

RTFKT – CloneX Mintvial

To understand the purpose of this NFT collection, one must be aware of Clone X Avatars. Every Mint Vial represents one random Avatar, which might explain the current price floor of 2.825 ETH. Moreover, the collection has over 6,200 ETH in weekly trading volume, allowing the 7,600 items to be held by 6,500 users. 

Onlookers may wonder why they should get a Clone X avatar. There are 20,000 avatars in total with random traits and attributes. The Avatars are Metaverse ready and will feature wearables to customize their appearance. Wearables are accessible through new collection drops or forging events supporting the minting of physical items based on their NFTs. 

Crypto Bull Society

Gal Yosef created the Crypto Bull Society, consisting of 7,777 unique NFT 3D art pieces. Everyone who owns a Crypto Bull NFT can claim a Crypto bear free of charge. Bulls and bears are essential in the cryptocurrency space, as they embody the two sides of overarching market sentiment people have to deal with. The collection has 4,700 holders and a price floor of 1.04 Ether.

More interesting is how Crypto Bull Society succeeds in generating 3.453 Ether in weekly trading volume. That is rather significant and put it just below Mutant Ape Yacht Club and well above Decentraland, Art Blocks Curated, and many other projects. In addition, VIPs who contributed their bull to the collection can stake them to gain access to more coveted Bull Tokens. 

Source: OpenSea